Longtime leecher, finally creating an account and ready to upload!

MikeFalcor88 Uploader
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01 July 2016
Hi all! I've been using KAT for a long time now. I've been around since BitTornado was the client of choice - yeah...that long.

Anyways, I have FINALLY gotten around to setting up my Synology DS1815+, chock full of 6TB drives. Currently in the process of dumping my BDRs, DVDRs, etc. onto it. After that, I am ready to share with the world.

I frequent warez sites and download just about anything that may (or may not) come in handy. Plus, I have Anime, TV Eps, and Movies out the ying yang to offer.

Looking forward to sharing! Catch you all around!
Star.Sapphire9728 Super User
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25 January 2014
rockclap Looking forward to the uploads! And welcome to KAT!

Thread: How to get Uploader status - A Tip for New Users
Tipple14.24K Uploader
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02 December 2013
Burly.21.85K Super User
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21 April 2012
Now you are a registered KAT User, here is a thread of interest to help get you started Thread: The Beginners Guide To The Site and another to keep you safeThread: How to Pirate Safely and Stick It to The Man. wink
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kasutbiru2935 Uploader
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20 July 2012
Hello MikeFalcor88 have fun mate. Enjoy. wave
Chief.Mokum.217.82K Verified uploader
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31 August 2012
Welcome to KAT, read the rules and have fun!

Please take a look at this:
Thread: So you want to be a Verified Uploader V3
Thread: Phishing attempts

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iKatKit20.97K Super User
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11 June 2014
welcome to KAT smile
-Hitman-49.83K Super User
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11 January 2015
Hello MikeFalcor88 wave Welcome To KAT Family Enjoy Your Stay And Have Fun wink
DeadShot10148.13K Former Translator
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01 December 2013
Welcome to KAT MikeFalcor88 ! Enjoy your stay here!
WarhoundOne25.87K Super User
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29 January 2014
Welcome to KAT (◣_◢)
(=’ :’)
Be sure to check out the KAT mag.

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